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    10 signs that you may be a problematic person

    Onlinedesk | 04 June 2018 | 7:36 pm

    10 signs that you may be a problematic person

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    10 signs that you may be a problematic person
    Before you feel attacked by this post, first, think about why it was written.

    Do I have reasons to attack you or do I genuinely want to help you change?

    In any way, here it goes:

    You isolate yourself from everything and everyone. Deep down you think no one understands you, that people judge you wrongly and that no one is trustworthy. One of the phrases you like to tell yourself is: I’m better off alone than in bad company. So you avoid being part of groups, being around people, making new friends or even sitting next to others.
    You interpret everything that others say and do. Nothing goes unnoticed by you, even if the person did not say anything. If the person greets you strangely that day, you judge her for being strange. If a person passed by you and looked at your necklace, you judge her for envying you. If someone looks at you, you judge them for thinking bad about you. You think that what people talk about always has to do with you. In fact, you must be thinking that I wrote this post thinking of you.
    You are extremely radical, it’s all or nothing, totally unbalanced. That’s why you take everything word for word.
    Deep down, you find yourself better than other people and that’s why you like to show holiness, but of course, you never speak about it out loud because part of being holy is to show some “humbleness”.
    You never decide on anything, you want something different all the time.
    You never move from where you are, you don’t grow or develop. You are stuck in time and only you don’t see it.
    You live in a drama movie in which you are the victim. You are lonely and proud of it as if being alone gave you a bit of reason to feel like a victim of everything and everyone.
    You keep grudges, but disguise it very well, as long as no one touches the subject. You can’t believe what they said or did to you and until this day, you are waiting for “God’s justice”.
    You have serious internal problems, but you rather pretend not to see them. You feel jealous of certain people. You are malicious and sees everything with bad eyes. You are proud and won’t accept help from anyone, but in front of others you say, thank you.
    You are extremely needy in need of attention all the time, even if it’s only virtual.

    If you identified with any of the items above, you have the following choices:

    Hate me even more and leave a comment as anonymous or with a fake name trying to offend me. The result of this is that nothing will change for me or you.
    Recognize the problem and feel even worse about it, and now assume that not even Cris understands you.
    Or you revolt against your way of being and fight to change.
    If you chose to revolt, start your new life by asking for forgiveness to those who you have hurt this far. This will give you strength to do everything differently from today on …




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