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    Bribe-taking N’ganj sub-registrar suspended

    online desk | 25 March 2018 | 7:22 pm

    Bribe-taking N’ganj sub-registrar suspended

    A government official in Narayanganj was suspended today after a video clip of him taking bribe from people in his office went viral in social media.

    Esahaq Ali Mondal, acting sub-registrar in Narayanganj’s Araihazar, was suspended as he was seen in the video taking bribes while on duty, which is illegal and a clear violation of the norm, according to a notification of the government’s Registry Department.
    The authorities also issued a show cause notice seeking explanation from him in seven days in this regard.

    Esahaq was filmed on Thursday, March 22, receiving a stash of notes from people in his office for signing their files.

    This footage, what appears to be a video shot with a phone camera, went viral on social media and YouTube since Thursday.




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