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    Can’t believe Razzak bhai is no more

    Agrabani Online Report | 21 August 2017 | 9:20 pm

    Can’t believe Razzak bhai is no more

    The death news of legendary Bangladesh actor ‘Nayok Raj’ Razzak has come to actress Babita as a great blow. The actress shared screen with Razzak in number of movies.

    ‘I can’t believe Razzak bhai is no more. I’m in great pain’, said the popular actress of the yester years.

    Razzak was invited to visit her new house in Gulshan, Babita added.

    ‘I talked to Razzak bhai few days back. I invited him and his wife to visited my house. I told him, ‘Razzak bhai, I’ll cook for you’’, said Babita.

    ‘He told me, ‘we are going to Thailand, will visit you after coming back.’

    Babita walked down the memory lane to add: ‘Jahir bhai (film director Zahir Raihan) gave me and Razzak bhai break into the film industry. We had paired up in many films.’

    Razzak and Babita’s popular movies include ‘Agnishika’, ‘Ki je Kori’, and ‘Sobai to Bhalobasa Chay’.

    In 1966, he acted as the hero of the movie ‘Behula’, in the film ‘Dakai’.

    Nayakaraja Razzak won the first National Film Award ‘kya ki ki’ in the film. Five times he received national honors. He received lifetime honors in the National Film Awards for 2013. Apart from this, Bangladesh Film Journalists Association (Bachasas) has received numerous awards.

    Nayakraj Razzak is performing very rarely in the present time. Not only as a hero, but also as a director is quite successful. Razzak made the film ‘Mirror Story’. As the hero, Nayakraz played the first movie in ‘Behula’ directed by Zaheer Raihan. Contrary to this, Suochanda was against him.

    ‘Abujha mana’, ‘ālōra michila’ ‘chuṭira ghaṇṭā’, ‘rambāja’, ‘bābā kēna cākara’, ‘nīla ākāśēra nicē’, ‘jībana thēkē nē’ōẏā’ ‘picaḍhālā patha’, ‘aśikṣita’, ‘baṛa bhālō lōka chila’Acting in numerous films including Razzak, he has played the latest film ‘Cartridge’ directed by son Bapparaj.





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