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    Dr. Colonel Oli Ahmad, 80 years old, you are still young

    SHALAH UDDIN RAZZAK | 12 March 2018 | 7:17 pm

    Dr. Colonel Oli Ahmad, 80 years old, you are still young

    March 13,my father’s  equivalent the three-times former minister and 6 times MP.Bir Bikram Colonel Oli Ahmad ‘s 80th birthday. Although he is 80 years old but he is still young. If you see him, you maybe think he is still 40.

    I and Colonel Oli Ahmad  together often walked in the Mohakhali DOHS park. After 1000 meters walk, Sir said that you should take rest but I will walk 600 meters more. Sir may have understood that I have lost patience. Sir, often told me that 45-minute walk a day will be good for the body. Who listens to whom. Seeing the pain, now I don’t go for walk. This is  a matter of ashamed.
    Whatever come to the  main point. Dr. Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad is now the President of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Colonel Oli Ahmad is a factor to the two main parties Awami League and BNP in Bangladesh politics. Oli Ahmad, the close associate of BNP founder Ziaur Rahman, was a commuter minister, who had done extensive development throughout the country, due to which the countrymen are grateful to him. Before the elections in 2006, Oli Ahmad formed a new party named LDP after being out of the party in a dispute with the BNP. He won the election in 2008 from this new party.
    Colonel Bir Bikram (Retd) Oli Ahmad  is a great freedom fighter and former minister of Bangladesh. In 1971, he took part in the revolt against the Pakistan army in Chittagong under the leadership of Ziaur Rahman. He is one of the witnesses to declare independence of Ziaur Rahman from Chittagong Kalurghat Radio Station. A brave freedom fighter of Bangladesh’s War of Liberation .For his courage in the war of liberation, the government of Bangladesh at first gave him Bir Bikram title.
    Dr. Why Col. Oli Ahmad is popular?
    Dr. Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad is a person whose life does not have a failure. There are just success There is no demand, there is no wish to become an MP minister.
    Dr. Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad whenever handled a sector,that has turned into gold. There is no corruption in life. The entire Jamuna bridge was built by his hand. But there was no allegation of corruption in his name. At first,became  the military secretary of Shahid President Ziaur Rahman and later the minister of the minister of his minister, Oli Ahmed, was a member of the Standing Committee of the BNP, over 25 years of age.once he was  one of the policy makers of BNP. BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia is still give him more priority than others. She listened to him. It is good to say that in the elections of 1996, when 28 ministers of BNP were corrupt, Colonel Oli Ahmad was elected from the two seat. In 2008, Going out of the shadow of  Awami League and BNP he took an election with the umbrella mark and became the MP in large numbers. Many things can be said by mouth. But outside of the boat’s rice,  be an MP it needs courage ,Which Colonel Alley has. Still in the politics of Chittagong. Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad’s words are the final words. As long as you live, live with such popularity.
    In the end, many people will be MP in the politics of Bangladesh. But Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad, a popular politician like Bir Bikram, will be one in the century. Sir, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Stay better, keep us better.Like a father-son ,I am very proud of you.I may do many things wrong but I want you to correct me . I want to stay under your shadow till I die.

    Author: Editor and Publisher of Ajker ograbani.




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