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    Drug addict ‘commits suicide’ at Noakhali police station

    Onlinedesk | 02 June 2018 | 12:36 pm

    Drug addict ‘commits suicide’ at Noakhali police station

    Police claim detainee arrested for drug abuse has committed suicide at Sonaimuri Police Station in Noakhali.

    The deceased, 23-year-old Tazul Islam Tushar, was an autorickshaw driver. Police detained Tushar on Friday night and placed him in custody at the police station.

    “Early this morning he committed suicide by hanging himself with his lungi,” Noakhali Additional Superintendent of Police AKM Zahirul Islam told.

    Police have filed an unnatural death case over the incident. An executive magistrate has ordered the body to be transferred to Noakhali General Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

    Tushar’s father turned him in to police amid the nationwide anti-drug operations by security forces, claims police official Islam.

    “Tushar was addicted to drugs. His family could not get him to quit.”

    “His father contacted police through a Union Parishad member on Friday night as Tushar was home taking yaba. Police then detained him with nine yaba tablets from his home that night.”




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