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    “Genocide Day” observed at Bangladesh Embassy in Washington

    Desk | 26 March 2020 | 9:31 pm

    “Genocide Day” observed at Bangladesh Embassy in Washington

    Officers and employees of Bangladesh Embassy in Washington, D.C. observed the “Genocide Day” on Wednesday evening remembering the horrendous episode of human massacre in Bangladesh by the Pakistan army on March 25, 1971.

    A one-minute silence was observed showing respect for the millions of martyrs of the War of Liberation, said a media release on Thursday.

    The messages of President and Prime Minister were read out.

    Counsellor (Political) Dewan Ali Ashraf and Minister (Press) Shamim Ahmad read out the messages respectively.

    Paying deep respect for the martyrs of the Liberation War, Bangladesh Ambassador to the USA Mohammad Ziauddin said the systematic genocide of the people of Bangladesh by the then Pakistani regime left over three million people dead; a quarter of a million women and young girls dishonored and around 10 million people as refugees in India.

    The Ambassador said the Pakistan army began the “Operation Searchlight” on the night of March 25 when people were deep in sleep. He described the March 25 massacre as the worst holocaust in human history.

    The Ambassador said at the time of the crackdown, the Pakistani military cordoned the residence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the great leader of Bengali nationalism.

    Before the Pak army could enter his home, the great leader sent a written message to the people declaring the Independence of Bangladesh. After the nine months’ war, Bangladesh emerged as independent and sovereign nation.

    Later, a special prayer was offered seeking divine blessings for the souls of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who led the war of independence and the martyrs of the Liberation War.

    First Secretary (Political & HOC) Mahmudul Islam conducted the programme.




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