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    In the discussion as the next mayor of Dhaka, AK Azad

    online desk | 09 December 2017 | 4:55 pm

    In the discussion as the next mayor of Dhaka, AK Azad

    After the death of Dhaka mayor Anisul Huq, the discussion has begun everywhere now who will be the city father. Who will do the unfinished work of Anisul Haque? In the person’s life, Anisul Haque was one of the successful presenters on the one hand as well as the President of the big business body like FBCCI.

    So, to complete the unfinished work of Anisul Haque, it will need skilled personality like him. Do not bow down to any injustice and corruption and implement the dreams of the city dweller. And to do this, the first to be elected is a leader who will have full greed above lust.

    Under the circumstances in which he is now the business leader, former FBCCI president and the successor of the late Anisul Haq, AK Azad, in the discussion all over the place. The question of the city dweller is the next Mayor of Dhaka, will be AK Azad?

    In this context, some voters of Dhaka North City Corporation said, ‘Anisul Huq’s nomination as mayor was the nomination of Hasina a surprise. As the mayor, Anisul Huq started setting the example. People of North City Corporation became interested in his work.

    But his death turned everything down. Now a charismatic person like him has to be a mayor. Because the mayor has just passed half of his time. That’s why we want the mayor candidate as a father of the city after the late Anisul Huq, a prominent businessman AK Azad. He has a clean image and the image is very bright.

    It is to be noted that Managing Director of FBCCI former president AK Azad Ha-Meem Group of Industries. He is also the President of Bangladesh Chamber of Industries (BCI). He is the managing director of Private Television Station Channel 24 and Daily Samakal.

    Born in 1959, AK Azad started his business after getting a bachelor’s degree in applied physics from Dhaka University. With a long association with Jute, Textile, Tea and Ready-made Garment Industry, AK Azad has been keeping a unique contribution to the national economy, including employment and continued efforts for the development of these sectors. He is the entrepreneur of Sonar Bangla Insurance Limited.




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