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    Italian men jailed for infecting 30 women with HIV

    Ajker Ograbani Desk | 28 October 2017 | 8:25 pm

    Italian men jailed for infecting 30 women with HIV

    Italian accountant Valentino Talluto (33) has been sentenced to 24 years’ in jail for knowingly passed on the deadly HIV virus to more than 30 women including a 5 years’ child.

    Talluto picked up dozens of women on the internet and had unprotected sex with them despite testing positive to HIV in 2006.

    He was convicted in Rome late on Friday after judges established that he infected 29 women, who in turn transmitted the virus to two other men and the son of a woman who had sex with Talluto during pregnancy.

    Talluto betrayed no emotion as the ruling was read out, while several of his victims, present in court, cried and hugged each other.

    Talluto was arrested in November 2015 after being reported by one of victims.

    He said, “I have been described as a monster but those who know me know that I am not a bad person.”

    His lawyers had argued that Talluto’s actions were imprudent, but not intentional.




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