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    Legendary actor ‘Nayak Raj’ Razzak dies at 77

    Agrabani Online Report | 21 August 2017 | 8:09 pm

    Legendary actor ‘Nayak Raj’ Razzak dies at 77

    Legendary actor Nayak Raj Razzak on Monday afternoon died at the United Hospital in the capital. He was 77 at the time of his death and suffered from pneumonia and old-age complications.
    Sources said Nayak Raj was brought into the hospital at 5:20pm after a cardiac arrest.
    After receiving no pulse, doctors tried hard for his revival but he was declared dead around 6:15pm.
    A credit to the Bangladeshi film industry, Razzak starred in over 500 Bangla and Urdu films. His passion for acting manifested so strongly in his genes that all three of his children grew up to be actors in Bangladesh.
    Born in Kolkata in 1942, Razzak grew up wanting to be a film star. He took part in theater and TV dramas, always looking for an opportunity to break into the industry. His first breakthrough came in Zahir Raihan’s Behula in 1966.
    Some of his notable works are “Abirbhab”, “Bashori”, “Etotuku Asha” “Nil Akhasher Niche”, “Je Agune Puri”, “Moinamothi”, “Dwip Neva Nai”, “Sharalipi”, “Ashikkhit”, “Chutir Ghanta” and more.

    He won the hearts of millions through his acting in the film “Rangbaj”. It was first modern action film in Bangladesh. In 1976, he emerged as producer with the film “Akankha”.




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