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    NBR asks IIC to intensify vigilance against tax evasion

    Ajker Ograbani Desk | 07 August 2017 | 11:46 pm

    NBR asks IIC to intensify vigilance against tax evasion

    The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has asked its Investigation and Intelligence Cell (IIC) formed in each tax zone to strengthen their vigilance aiming to contain tax evasion.

    “As part of the programme to catch the tax evaders the NBR has asked the IIC to take effective steps,” a senior official of the NBR told newsman, reports UNB.

    The directive has been given at a meeting with the field level officials of the revenue collecting authority at the conference room of the NBR with its chairman M Nojibur Rahman in the chair on Monday.

    The NBR has asked the officials to audit the large taxpayers’ file properly. “They will send fortnightly report to the Board on their activities,” the NBR senior official said.

    There are 31 tax zones across the country and each tax zone has 22 circle offices which collect taxes directly.

    The IIC has been formed in each tax zones with the commissioners of the respective tax zones as the head of the IIC.

    “The aim of the IIC is to identify the tax evaders, individual or organization.
    By ensuring this it would be possible to increase tax collection and people will be discouraged to evade tax,” said the NBR official.

    He mentioned that the Cell will audit the big taxpayers and find out whether there is any suppression of income, what was the declaration of income in the previous year and hold regular meeting with them.

    He said that the revenue collecting authority is under huge pressure to touch the revenue target as the 15 percent unified VAT system has been scrapped by Parliament while passing the budget for the current fiscal.

    “The NBR has calculated the revenue target keeping the huge inflow of revenue from the VAT, but now we are not getting that support from the VAT wing as Parliament did not give us permission to impose the new VAT law,” he said.

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on July 13 in Parliament said that suspension of the unified 15 percent VAT will cause Tk 20,000 crore less revenue collection this fiscal year. She mentioned that while formulating the budget the government calculated everything taking consideration of the new VAT law and the revenue that will come from the mobile companies.

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith while placing his budget on June 1 proposed to impose the new unified VAT rate which is 15 percent, but it caused a widespread criticism from both ruling and opposition in the House. Later the Prime Minister during her speech on the proposed budget requested the Finance Minister to suspend the implementation of the law for some years. Later the Finance Minister suspended it for two years.

    The NBR officials said that taking the challenge of filling up this Tk 20,000 crore the NBR has decided to intensify its activities from very beginning of the fiscal with work plan.

    It also submitted its work plan for filling the deficit to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance Ministry.

    As per the work plan the NBR said that Tk 5000 crore will be come from cigarette and bidi sector, Tk 500 crore from excise duty on bank accounts and airline tickets and Tk 100 crore from 10 percent VAT on fast food.

    It also said that by the outstanding tax collection and increasing the tax rearing it could collect Tk 2000 crore.

    Apart from this, the NBR is optimistic to collect Tk 9380 crore extra keeping in mind the natural flow and improvement of business.

    Taking all these under consideration the actual deficit will stand Tk 5000 crore. To fill up this deficit the NBR has asked the VAT Commissionerate to settle the big amount cases and take appropriate steps to collect the outstanding dues.

    Besides, the NBR has requested the Finance Division to take steps for realising Tk 2000 crore from Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation and Tk 22,000 from PetroBangla.




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