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    Police probing how militants are being granted bail

    Onlinedesk | 22 May 2018 | 1:15 am

    Police probing how militants are being granted bail

    The Police Bureau of Investigation is looking into various irregularities which have enabled militants to be granted bail.

    To arrest just one militant, law enforcers have to deal with tremendous challenges, but have also found it difficult to keep militants in jail.

    Many militants have gotten out on bail by exploiting loopholes in the law and absconded. There is now evidence that incorrect information is provided on bail petitions for militant suspects.

    On October 18 of last year, new JMB militant Bulbul Ahmed Sarkar alias Fuad alias Rocky alias Mehedi, 26, took bail from the High Court through a petition that listed a fake guarantor.

    Upon realizing this, the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) appealed to the court to investigate the matter. The court ordered PBI to investigate the matter and submit a report.

    PBI has now undertaken an initiative to investigate each and every case of bail for other militants after it was found that a fake guarantor had been named for bail in Bulbul Ahmed’s case.

    PBI has ordered each of its department, metro, and district officials to investigate the bail petitions of militants.

    Nagar DB police detained five people including the militant commander Javed and second in command Fuad, from a JMB base station in Khoyjanagar area of Chittagong city on October 5, 2015.

    Javed was killed in an alleged gunfight with DB at Hathazari Kuaish area during a police operation on October 6. Cases were filed against them in an anti-terrorism lawsuit.

    Four other JMB members Fuad alias Mohammad Bulbul, Sujan alias Babu, Mahbub, and Sohel alias Kajal were shown arrested. There are several cases filed against each of them.

    Chittagong Metropolitan Police PBI Inspector Santosh Kumar Chakma filed a petition with the court on November 4, 2017 for further interrogation of Bulbul for investigation in a case.

    He then came to know that Bulbul had been granted bail from October 18 of that year and looked into the matter of his bail.

    Jalal of Tulsipara of Gobindaganj thana of Gaibandha and Jamal of Isanagar of Karnaphuli thana of Chittagong were mentioned as guarantors.

    The police later found that both the guarantors were fake, and no such people live at the given addresses.

    This matter prompted the PBI to investigate further. There have been questions about whether the militants’ cases were run by any organized institutions.

    PBI inspector Santosh Kumar Chakma said he is still investigating the matter as ordered by the High Court.

    He said: “The guarantors’ names [Jamal or Jalal] on the custody papers have the same signature and are the same person. But their addresses are different. The matter is very sensitive.”

    In this regard, Chittagong Metropolitan PP Fakhruddin Chowdhury said: “PBI has brought the matter of fake guarantor to the attention of the court. After the hearing, the court ordered an investigation of the matter.”

    Apart from this incident, other militants arrested from different parts of the country have obtained bail from time to time. Many of these militants have now disappeared.

    Most of the militants have cases filed against them in many parts of the country, under the anti-terrorism act, including Dhaka. Law enforcers are now trying to find and re-arrest them.

    Members of Ansar al-Islam, JMB, Harkat-ul-Jihad, New JMB, and other banned militant organizations have also managed to get bail. PBI has been examining their bail cases separately.

    Head of PBI DIG Banaj Kumar Mazumder said: “We are investigating the issue of the two custodians of the militant leader from Chittagong. Besides, other militants’ bail conditions are also being investigated.”




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