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    Whip’s son Sharun Chowdhury can be charged with incitement to suicide!

    | 15 April 2021 | 5:58 pm

    Whip’s son Sharun Chowdhury can be charged with incitement to suicide!

    Nazmul Haque Chowdhury known as Sharun Chowdhury

    Nazmul Haque Chowdhury known as Sharun Chowdhury, son of a prominent lawmaker from Chattogram-12, whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury who has been controversial for various reasons. There is no end to the controversy surrounding him, including posting a video of the shooting practice, reveals a video clip on Facebook with his AK-47 arms raised, covering in a secret dormitory and threatening a senior Awami League leader.

    This time a young banker has been accused of being the victim of his secret business. The matter seems a bit bizarre because in this case, the whip’s son Sharon can be accused of inciting suicide – this is the opinion of political intellectuals.

    There are allegations that young banker and businessman Abdul Morshed Chowdhury was forced to give his full life and concentration in the secret business of whip’s son. The bank official did not get relief even after repaying about Tk 36 crore against a loan of Tk 25 crore. He had to choose the path of suicide.
    The incident has caused a stir in the port city of Chattogram. During the investigation, new information is coming out behind the incident. It manifested like a light that young banker Abdul Morshed Chowdhury’s wife working as a teacher, Ishrat Jahan Chowdhury, and his mother Nurnahar have demanded exemplary punishment for those who involved in the death of the banker. An aggrieved family trying to draw the attention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in this incident, and claimed stricter punishments of whip’s son Sharun Chowdhury.

    Ishrat Chowdhury alleged that the whip’s son forced her husband to commit suicide after investing in the business and later becoming stressed, as stated in his suicide note. Ishrat Jahan Chowdhury filed a case with the Panchlaish police station. The case alleges incitement to torture and suicide.

    The banker Morshed, wife Ishrat, alleged that my husband borrowed Rs 25 crore at various times for his business. On the contrary, he paid them Rs 36 crore with profit. But they continue to exert psychological pressure, political and administrative pressure on the husband to demand higher dividends. Unable to bear the immoral stress, Morshed committed suicide.

    Sources said that some of his friends including Sharun Chowdhury were involved in various secret businesses. Even after borrowing money from them and repaying a large sum of money, including principal and interest, banker Abdul Morshed Chowdhury became a victim of simple faith. He didn’t take back the security check that had been deposited in good faith.

    The cycle repeatedly demanded profit against these checks. Home attacks, lawsuits, kidnappings, and other threats continue. Political and administrative pressures are also present. The banker had been forced to commit suicide and had applied for release. The police Detective Branch (DB) has been charged with uncovering the truth behind this young man’s suicide, who is constantly threatened.

    Whip’s son Sharun Chowdhury may be caught in the charge of inciting suicide. Since there is a provision of 10 years imprisonment under section 307 of the Penal Code made in 180A for aiding or abetting suicide. There are also provisions for fines. Section 307 of the Penal Code relating to assistance to suicide states that if a person commits suicide, the person assisting in such suicide may be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years, and shall be punishable with a fine.

    Multiple judgments have already been announced in Bangladesh, according to this section. The verdict in the case of incitement to rape and suicide of Naima Ibrahim Oishi in Barisal was declared in December 2020 by the Barisal Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal. Those accused Sayem Alam Mimu received a life sentence for rape and a ten-year sentence for inciting suicide. In February 2016, a court sentenced her husband, Mohammad Asif Presley, to ten years in prison for inciting Wahida Sifat, a student at Rajshahi University’s Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, to commit suicide.




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