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    Would be father Should dite for healthy child

    online desk | 15 April 2018 | 2:41 pm

    Would be father Should dite for healthy child

    A study by American scientists has said that the father still must be aware of food to give birth to a healthy baby.
    For so long doctors were focusing on eating habits of healthy mothers only. But scientists now say that men will have to eat healthy food for a healthy child. Because here the father’s role is equally important.
    They say, parents who have a healthy child need to diet. They say, the child’s health depends on what type of food the father ate before sex.

    A study by scientists at the University of Cincinnati, USA, says that the mother’s & father’s diet is equally important for the birth of a healthy child.
    Scientists have researched on the male bees, and if carbohydrate is too high and protein is low in their diet, then the chances of survival of the child born are very low.
    he genes of this bee have many similarities with the genes of humans.
    Scientists themselves were surprised by the results of the research.
    Scientists say from their research that , it is clear that the father has to eat less carbohydrate and more protein for such healthy baby birth.
    This study was conducted under the leadership of Professor Michael Pollock of Biological Sciences and Joshua Benayet at Cincinnati University.
    Professor Pollock said, “We are really surprised that among the different species we have seen, mothers are very careful about this, but we are surprised to see the father’s role in the newborn’s health.”




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